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3 Things I learned at the Fourth World Conference on Women’s Shelters #4wcws

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1 Febbraio 2020

As you might have seen in our social media pages that we had an opportunity to participate in the fourth world conference on women’s shelters organized by The Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan in November 2019.  The conference venue was in Kaohshiung City, Taiwan. Now, we finally have the time to share with you what we learnt:

1. Taiwan is beautiful

Taiwan (Republic of China) with the richness in its political history is a beautiful country. When making our preparations to visit Taiwan for the conference, there were not many information sources as to what to expect. Google searches were limited and we were skeptical. When we reached there, everything (I repeat everything) was more than beautiful. Not only aesthetically, but we felt it had a kind soul in its culture, food, people everything was logical, practical, sensible and without pretense. Although the language was quite a barrier, our team member still wishes she was born in Taiwan 🙂

2. It’s the attention to details that separates average from stunning

The conference was organized by The Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan. To us, it was a mega event with more than 1500 international delegates coming from 120 countries in the world to participate. In our heads, it was already a messy affair. However, the conference was nothing but flawless.

We were amazed by the little attention to details such as the smooth registrations through scanners, each participant received one Easy Card (could be used for trains, telephone top ups), maps. There was drinking water and snacks available at all times during the conference. The smooth planning and set up of the workshop sessions, opening and closing ceremony’s grandeur, every component of the event was meticulously planned. No wonder why the event turned out to be spectacular.

3. Impact lies in solidarity

It was the first time for some of our team members to attend these kind of events in an international setting, although we have been working in the women’s shelters since 2007. We have had our share of trials and tribulations during these years. We have had our tiring days.

In the 4wcws, there were shelter advocates from all around the world working for the same cause with the similar approaches like that of ours. We connected as soon as we entered the conference halls. There was an air of mutual respect, love and admiration for the work every one of the shelter advocates were doing to provide services to the survivors. With some we shared our challenges, with some we shared our achievements. But with all, we shared our solidarity and commitment to continue our work as long as it takes.

Pragyaa Rai,

Executive Director Apeiron Nepal


A proposito dell'autore
Pragyaa Rai è Executive Director di Apeiron in Nepal, dove lavora da più di 15 anni.


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